Yoko Ritona (Campus)

Gurren Lagann



Since we didn't finish Garlock on time we decided to closet cosplay 'Campus Lagann' on Sunday just for nice, kick back costumes. Unfortunately I left my skirt and school shoes at home, so I ended up wearing Converse and inuashley's Organization 13 pants xD;
I think pants fit Yoko's character a bit more, and to make up for the lack of skin on the bottom I just wore the bikini top and the shirt wide open. Our entire group looked like one walking class of freaks, and when we went out for dinner/movie/etc. we kept telling everyone we were on a field trip :]

I had such a blast but hopefully I can fix it up to look a bit more like a School Yoko, people kept askign me if I was Yoko from the wedding scene &gt;_<!


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Series Gurren Lagann
Character Yoko Ritona (Campus)
Variant Campus Lagann


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