Rutee Kartret

Tales of Destiny



August 2008, World Game Tournament Cosplay Competition was my first time to cosplay Rutee. It was so exciting, since my friend join me as Phillia XD She did Phillia really great *_* Second time was Unsada Cosplay Event, but it wasn't really great =_= I cosplayed her 3 times in the different events, and i forget what the last event was..

I have ToD team too, but we never have chance to have fullteam photoshooting.

About the costume, done in a week. The materials really easy to get. Atwight was made by hardboard and paperclay xD quite nice. I have to remake my shoulder pad,it has to be rounded shape =_+


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Series Tales of Destiny
Character Rutee Kartret


WARPAINTandUnicorns Rare to sell Tales of Destiny cosplayers now. You make a lovely Rutee

Sheik Chan Aww~Adorable Rutee!!