Sheena Fujibayashi

Tales of Symphonia

This would be the third version for this costume. The final final one, and this time I am 100% satisified! The shoes/covers are THE achievement for this costume. They look so amazing! Also, I kept up with the tradition of using my own hair, even if it was a tad short to make the spike tail. Since I couldnt match the new color of the covers to my old kimono, I redid it too, along with the boots and arm covers. I also re did the turquoise parts of the costume (this time to an accurate color). Once upon a time I used a bra covered in fabric, this time, its an actual sports bra! This is the only costume I would prance around in a bra for (or at least thats what I say now).
I tried to adjust it to the color scheme of ToS2 more than one...

More pictures in my webpage!
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Series Tales of Symphonia
Character Sheena Fujibayashi

Lunyao buaa k linda te kedo, espero k mi sheena me salga tan bien como a ti *O*

Melek todos tus cosplays estan chingonsisimos.