Al-Cid Margrace

Final Fantasy XII

@Bur Loire
OH MAN! This is FFXII cosplay #2! There is no end in sight! (LOL)

Anyway, this costume was a TON easier than Vayne, however there were just as many challenges, and also in this costume I can't reach my face. ^O^ <3333

Anyway....the neck piece, gauntlets, Rozzarian symbols on the boots & pants as well as those square shapes on his pants were all made out of craft foam. <3 The neck piece has 12 grommets hammered into them as to match the artwork, and omg I <3 hammering grommets. Which is good because I used a lot of them for Al-Cid. Hahahha.

I couldn't find any fabric with the right flow AND having the right colour/stripe pattern, so I bought some fancy light navy fabric sewed it (its also fully lined) and then hand painted the stripes on. That took AGES. WAAAH. The back of the shirt details are all there and was made seperately with a different blend of navy wool and outlined in white piping trim with a little bit of extra hand painting for the other details.

The gloves and collar are made out of the same type of "leather" I used for my Leon jacket. It smells like COW and it makes my brain so HAPPY. Its puesdo-leather smell. OHHYESSS.

And for the most complex part of the costume.....sewing the vinyl-leather stuff onto the pants....I actually took the base pant and cut them in half up the sides and pinned all the leather pieces on and machine AND hand-sewed it onto the base. The boot covers are made out of the same tan-coloured material and I created the raised designs by basically pinching the fabric, pinning it in place, and then sewing it down. Ahahaha. I still have some work to do on all of those parts, but NekoCon was its trial and error con, so I know what I need to work on now <3

The wig has more styling hours into it than you would think. It started out as a shoulder length, straight, medium brown wig. I had it custom dyed to be dark, dark brown and keep the mediumish light brown highlights in it, cause I felt that kept with Al-Cid's design. And then I cut and curled it myself. Al-Cid's hair makes me think of sea-coral in-game. Its kind of funny really. XD

All in all I'm very pleased. And I <3 Al-Cid, so YAY!
@Bur Loire
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Series Final Fantasy XII
Character Al-Cid Margrace

Zetra AHAHA I love Al-Cid! You are my hero xD Duuuude *pets man chest*

lolomalon I LOVE your Al-cid!

LadyRayngerYuna Kudos on being like, the ONLY Al-Cid I've found. Its a shame he's not more popular! You definitely did him justice. Nice work! :)

Hee-Hee Al-Cid is so foine!! =D Great job!


Jim The Fly Ahhh... I was hoping someone would do Al-Cids Margrace. And no, that's not a typo, for those who haven't played the game. :P I need to remake a good bit of my Dr. Cid, but we should get the two together at one of these Mid-Atlantic cons, just for the awesomeness of confusing people. You can be awesome and I can talk to "myself" the entire time. XD

BalthierFlare Yey for Al-Cid! I'm glad somehow did this. ^^ It looks so awesome. Do you have sunglasses?