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Princess Ai



I had no time to make a costume before AX 06 last year due to the fact that I was crazy busy...but I really wanted to do something for the con, so I threw together bits and pieces I had at home, much like what Princess Ai does herself ^___^ and put together a costume that I hope captured the character of the manga rock/pop princess! No one really recognized me..they all just called me the "cool goth girl with the makeup" but I had fun with it! My friend bought me my favorite part of the outfit-the skirt-months before, and I safety-pinned it in places for more volume the day of. I had the fishnet stuff already, had the lace in my hair, the shoes were from when I was in Junior High (!) and the lovely tattoo was drawn on with a sharpie by my good friend, Manis (pictured with me as Skuld). I wish the tat were permanent. Seriously. I love it that much!


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