Fate/Stay Night



My friend mysteriousmaemi told me she wanted to cosplay Saber and that's how I decided to watch the anime series. Afterwards I decided to cosplay Rider so we could do a fight on stage ^__^

This costume gives you a lot of freedom to move, but I was half blinded by the mask and the wig really is hell!!!
I went through a lot of trouble with my wig, because I coudn't find a purple one that was long enough and so I decided to buy a long white one and paint it purple by using the FW homemade wigdye recipe I found on the forum ^__^ The painting went very well and the color was perfect, but I decided to let the wet wig dry outside on a sunny (but too windy -__-') day and I never managed to get the knots out -__-"
So for the first con (FACTS 2007) I borrowed a much too short wig from my friend Saber and for the second con (asianim 2) I managed to find a longer one on ebay ^__^
When I have a lot of time I'll try to fix the painted one, but therefore I really need a LOT of time!!!

Special thanks go out to my boyfriend and my neighbour who helped me with the weapons ^__^
I don't have a lot of experience with prop making, so it was really difficult for me!
But I learned a lot in the process ^__^


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Series Fate/Stay Night
Character Rider


Genrômaôken I made it out of see through fabric and I sewed patches of the fabric I used for my costume on it, so when I positioned it right I could kinda see through it ^__^ But only in places with enough light, because on stage it was too dark and I had really trouble seeing my opponent LOL

stardust1187 I have to ask... how do you see with the eye thing? Did you make it see through? I don't think you would be good on stage with a mock fight unless you can see something.