10 Crimes Criminal




This was my Concept-Based outfit worn to Wicked Faire, the Renaissance/Fetish/Steampunk event of New Jersey.

I'm a fashion designer as well as a cosplayer, so instead of going to the faire as another character, I chose this sexy and rather daring outfit/design of mine.

There are 10 Crimes portrayed on this outfit:
1. Murder: Red drops and red jewel in hand.
2. Possession of a Handgun: Bullet earrings.
3. Arson: Flame on necklace and fire colored bellydance fan.
4. Drugs: Needles in hairpeice (they actually detach and work as pens!)
5. Domestic Violence: Bronze knuckle bracelet on hand.
6. Assault with a Deadly Weapon: Dagger on hip.
7. Prostitution: Tights, garter, and boots.
8. Breaking and Entering: Mirror shards on train.
9. Graffiti: Makeup on neck and shoulder.
10. Grand Theft Auto: Large keys on hips.

Future Crimes I wish to portray are CyberCrime and Rioting.

Fabric: Striped was purchased at MOOD, the rest is remnants from Joannes, MOOD, ect...

Fan: Purchased at Wicked Faire 2010

Trims (ribbon, chains, ect..): Purchased at Michaels or found in my remnants bin.

Needles: Purchased online from a costuming store, they're pens!

Jewlery: Bracelet and earrings were purchased, collar was modified by me.

Tights/Garter: Purchased at Victoria's Secret.

Boots: Purchased from Hot Topic, modified by me.

Gloves: Purchased from Hot Topic, modified by me.

Dagger/Keys: Made by me, metal purchased from ForgersMetal.

On a final note: Like the hairpeice? Want one similar? Send me a message, I DO do commissions for hairpieces.



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Character 10 Crimes Criminal


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