Billie Joe Armstrong

Rock Band



My friend and myself plan on going as Green Day to Anime Vegas this year. I've already started on the Wig. I've also bought the black material to make to costumes. I also already have my Tre' Cool and Mike Dirnt. I'm looking around on Ebay to collect the tattoos. Since Billie Joe has a bunch! I've also bought some make your own tattoos you can print out. I also found Billie's Joe Belt. I also have an old Guitar and I'm going to turn it into Blue. (His main Guitar)I've found all the stickers for Blue i can't wait to put them on. :)
I've lost 50 pounds for this costume. Can't wait to wear it in September. The funny part is were driving to San Diego to see Green Day the Day 2 before the convention.


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Series Rock Band
Character Billie Joe Armstrong
Variant 2005 Melton Keys Version


KitoCosplay Nice cosplay!

miruu ajajjaa me mori <3

Urufu Chi Woah, looks so close like him! That's what I call RAWR-ness (another word for awesome-ness) XD

snowpup146 xD I absolutely LOVE this

NekoMimi16 AHHH I can't wait to see it!! I heart teh Green Day! Oh and I was wondering if you're going to go to Anime Land this year??

icky ohh i love green day!! and blue is soo kewl!! call me when you finish the costume!! i would like to see it nwn

Thowra HAHA Maybe when i am finished i will buy a Boa and a police man's hat. LOL

InuyashaBrumbie your take on Billie Joe in this picture is so FUNNY! It goes so well with his character! Now all you need is his BOA LMAO!