Tatterhood as Liara T'Soni

Liara T'Soni

Mass Effect

Cosplayer: Tatterhood
Halloween costume 2008. My first attempt at working with latex - I later wrote a little tutorial on how to make a latex headpiece, based on my experiences. These pictures are of my third latex headpiece and a really, really bad makeup job - I didn't feel like sitting 4 hours for makeup, so you will have to excuse the blotchy blue and my (lack of) photoshop skills.

I must say that I am ... deeply honoured/shocked/excited/humbled to have had this costume as a Showcase. In my short active time here on cosplay.com, I have been astounded by the dedication, skill and enthusiasm shown by hundreds of people through the construction and presentation of their cosplays/costumes. I have to thank the internetz for viewing my costume, and all you beautiful people who have left a comment.

NEW: Want to know how to make your own Asari headpiece? Check out the full pdf tutorial here
If you have any questions, just ask :D