Liara T'Soni

Mass Effect



Halloween costume 2008. My first attempt at working with latex - I later wrote a little tutorial on how to make a latex headpiece, based on my experiences. These pictures are of my third latex headpiece and a really, really bad makeup job - I didn't feel like sitting 4 hours for makeup, so you will have to excuse the blotchy blue and my (lack of) photoshop skills.

I must say that I am ... deeply honoured/shocked/excited/humbled to have had this costume as a Showcase. In my short active time here on, I have been astounded by the dedication, skill and enthusiasm shown by hundreds of people through the construction and presentation of their cosplays/costumes. I have to thank the internetz for viewing my costume, and all you beautiful people who have left a comment.

NEW: Want to know how to make your own Asari headpiece? Check out the full pdf tutorial here
If you have any questions, just ask :D


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Series Mass Effect
Character Liara T'Soni


Nerdbutpro simply perfect! *_*

Narnian You did such an incredible job! Major kudos!

Deadpool_Fan This is my favorite character in the game and you nailed it. I love it congrats >.<

Radian Outstanding wow you costume is so good!

chevron694 WOWOW.. I don't comment on many costume but I got to say that takes the cake. Bravo

QuietBarrelRoll Holy crap. Awesome!!!

rizukai Wow. Absolutely fantastic.

Radian Wonderfull ! Outstanding work in that asari . Your costume took my breath from the first moment si saw it .

OutofMind634 YOU ARE A BIOTIC GOD!!!

Major G ...WOW...

Daritha This is one jaw-dropping version of Liara. A well-done and very impressive work!

Knightly LOL Love the prosthetic head piece.. where'd you learn to makelatex prosthetics? Is there some tutorial?

Angeal Very awesome costume. you look amazing amazing work really

CzarN Woah, you ARE Liara! That's crazy awesome ^_^

sora_hua love it!!! amazing!! how to make that hair? O_O

Hakubi Michi i love this its so cute

Dazzle chan OMG~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Liliana You are so talented, I can't believe this was your first attempt with latex! It turned out incredible! Excellent job and congrats on the showcase!!

JouninXj2 Freaking amazing!

Sleezy Wow, phenomenal. :) For your first time delving into making latex prosthetics, I definitely call it a win. I'm considering taking a stab at Thane Krios, lol.