Ada Wong

Resident Evil



It's definitely one that has taken a lot of time and love and dedication.

All of it is completed, though after a vacuuming accident it will be in need of repair before the next con. -_- And I've still yet to do any sort of photo shoot for it, sadly.


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Series Resident Evil
Character Ada Wong
Variant Butterly Dress (RE4)


Aylin Super

Lady Valentine The main cons I attend are Sac Anime, Wonder Con, and Fanime. I've never been to any other ones. Wonder Con is coming up next at the end of February. I'll be cosplaying as Asuka Kazama from Tekken 5. I've been getting pretty lucky with my cosplays so far because Asuka's school uniform is pretty simple and I have most of it in my closet lol. I just need a skirt. Lol from now on I'm going to pull stuff out of my closet and see what I can make of it. Hopefully, I can see you again! That Sac Anime was the best con experience EVER!

nikkiecole Found you! XD

Lady Valentine OMEEGEE!! I found you Ada! It's Jill from SacAnime! I think you are the best Ada cosplayer ever!

fairuza Perfecto! I love you as Ada and as one of my favorite characters in RE! Keep it up girl!:D