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Series Sailor Moon
Character Sailor Moon


rockstar211 Haha just watched the youtube vid, that was freaking awesome

seshi_ria WOOOOW! I saw the video on YT, and it was AMAZING!

vanna116 what awards did you win?

Fabulousity OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG YOU'RE HENSHIN NINJA SAILOR MOON!!!!!!!!!!!!! I your skit on youtube and loved it!!! Fabulous job!!!!

EresGyaru420 Awesome!!! I LOVE it! :D my fave part is when they make your hair wave in the wind towords the end!

Chinako AMAZING concept! I saw the video on YouTube and LOVED it! The awards you won were rightly decided. I'm so glad it came together as well as it did. Great job on the costume, concept, and skit!