Chibik3ro organized a group of people all based on Pokemon Gijinka (human form fanart). I chose Slugma (fanart and the boyfriend chose Heatran.

I chose Slugma because I have a wig that goes from red to blonde/orange, just like the...knobby the fanart, and the costume was easy and I was on limited time.

The weird thing is that it looks quite like the red dress Asuka (Evangelion) variant, and I figured I'd be mistaken for her, as the Pokemon Gijinka is quite rare, and it did indeed happen - twice. I found it amusing.

The dress is a pattern, Mccalls 5232, with no modifications. It's fully lined, as per the pattern directions, back zip, and made out of a light-weight linen look (poly blend). I like the dress a fair bit, because I can re-wear it in real life, which was part of the reason for choosing this character.

The wig I already had, and actually bought it to cosplay the Pinky "raver" Asuka.

The hairclips are Crayola model magic (which molds much better than the paperclay I had at home), with barrettes on the bottom to attach to the hair. They're painted with ochre colored acrylics.

There's no shoes pictured in the fanart, so I wore some geta sandals that had red in the straps.

Very fun, easy to wear, and I enjoyed being part of a huge group (about 40+ people) and goofing off with friends.


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Series Pokémon
Character Slugma
Variant Gijinka (human form, fanart based)


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