Byakko-Shiki Hunting Outfit

Descendants of Darkness

So this one I am rather proud of. I managed to do the whole thing on my own...except getting the contacts in. I styled my wig, added the extensions, and did the entire costume. The only downside to this costume is having to carry the tail around since it's too long to drag behind me in a dealers room. I was happy with it though...even if it was hot in Dallas with all those lined brocade layers.

I will post more pics of the outfit as I find them and upload the ones on the various cameras we took with us.
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Series Descendants of Darkness
Character Byakko-Shiki Hunting Outfit

seiryuux Nice costume. Really like the tail.

WARPAINTandUnicorns You make an adorable Byakko.

MezzyChuu Awesome wig, and even cooler tail! Wow!!

momoiru1994 cuttteeee!!!! ^^

S0methingW!cked This is the first time I've seen this version cosplayed. Looks great!!!