At the time when I made this costume I believe only manga issue #3 was out. So there were no color pics of this costume available save a small 1 inch color thumbnail in the back of the manga. It only showed from bustline on up. FRUSTRATING!!! All I could tell was the robe was a printed fuscia and dark hair. So I had to use some creative licensing and extrapolate the color of the skirt and the lining for the robe. So I used a fuscia brocade to replicate the printed fabric from the art. The skirt well it was dark... maybe black? So I went with a deep purple as an educated guess. Oh and the skirt... because I was attending family friendly con I opted to make the skirt into a strapless dress so I wouldn't have issues with con security or violate in decency rules. ^_^;


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Series Enchanter
Character Laviox


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