CrystalNeko as Duo Maxwell

Duo Maxwell

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

Cosplayer: CrystalNeko
This was my first ever proper cosplay!! However I decided to remake it because the first time I wore this was with clothes I had in my wardrobe... And it wasn't accurate in the slightest. Now that I have more experience I know I can make it from scratch. There's a Gundam Wing group for London May Expo 2010 apparently and was asked to be Duo, so naturally I said yes! Chance to cosplay my favourite character from an amazing series? Yes please!

51" Long brown wig - £22
2.5m Black cotton drill - £8.25
18" Jacket zip - £1-2 approx
Black trouser zip - £1-2 approx
Black cap - £3.50

Top was made to fit slightly baggy with a mandarin type collar with white cotton sewn onto it to show slightly - it holds together at the front with poppers. The jacket has a jacket zip at the front sewn on with a panel flap... thing... sewn over the top. White sleeves are tacked on.

Trousers are your normal baggy trousers and then sewn to fit below my knees. This was all guesswork!

Boots were from Shoe Zone, I can't remember how much they cost anymore though.

Cap is from eBay.

Wig is from a seller called "Wig Glamour" on eBay. It was a real pain to style, I originally wanted to do a french plait style which would be accurate however it just turned into one giant messy knot. So I had to spend ages detangling it and then I could put it into a normal plait. It's not accurate... But then I remembered I have the hat covering my head anyway!

Scythe was my first ever prop! I used a Halloween scythe as a base then got come cardboard to cover over it and painted it... I don't think it was half bad for my first try, I could do better now and make it longer but I'm really not fussed about a prop for Duo! I'd rather have a gun to pose with LOL XD;

Overall, this is a really comfy costume to wear!