Giselle (animated)




I love Disney and I absolutely loved the movie Enchanted. My friend, Richii, surprised me for my birthday and gave me this dress!


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Series Enchanted
Character Giselle (animated)


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Hikari_chan56 very lovely Giselle!!! ^_^

Raven_Roth this is so cute!!

KatieAriel beautiful cosplay <3

Pet Frey Such a lovely Giselle! Just loved it ^^

&#12481;&#12455;&#12522;&#12540; So a beautiful Giselle, it suits you. ^_^

Leeah You make an amazing Giselle, cute!

Silveritis You are my favourite Giselle, ever. You're so cute! And you look just like her! The dress really suits you!

carladawn You look familiar... were you at Fanime as Giselle in her wedding dress?

BakaRinoa Aw.. you are Giselle!!! O_O Very beautiful *O*

Celcia Omg... you're such a beautiful Giselle.

punkfiddler18 omg that's a pretty dress....and i love the cosplay...

ArwenEvenstar HOLY COW!!! GISELLE!!!!