Tenchi Muyo!

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This was made for and worn by my friend Sheena. To make this animated character really come to life, finding the perfect patterned fabric for the jacket was the main focus. As a big time score, we found a matching pattern for both jacket colors AND the white dress. A puffy sleeved shirt pattern was used for the jacket, split in half to compensate the dual colors, and modified along the way since the shirt had to be a jacket. Only the upper half of the dress pattern was really taken into consideration since we had to ignore the length and keep the sides open. Ornate buttons and jewels were added and elastic used for the black wristbands. Overall not a very hard costume to make, but just seemed so when you're trying to make both a Ryoko and Ayeka at the same time.


@Lilith Oya
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Series Tenchi Muyo!
Character Ryoko


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