Grell Sutcliffe (shinigami)




Certainly some of the most fun I've had ever working on a costume! I found several yards of blindingly bright red stretch velvet at a fabric sale after Christmas and that's what finally pushed me over the edge in terms of wanting to work on the outfit. Trimmed in a coordinating black velvet, it's outrageous and flamboyant; in other words, pure Grell..
The rest of the costume is done in shades of black and burgundy, from a textured tapestry fabric for the backless vest to a coordinating shade of burgundy to create the spats that give the boots a two-tone effect. The glasses chain is a custom piece with silver wire, little metal skulls, and red glass beads that match the chainmaille work on the multi-tiered waist/belt chain.
The wig is 3 feet of crimson goodness, while the chainsaw is a weird fusion of craft foam and a wonderfully noisy toy chainsaw.

It's not perfect (yet) but it's delightful fun, and made my first-ever photoshoot one to remember!! :D

Updated for 2010: New coat and a better wig top off the revisions for 2010...


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Series Kuroshitsuji
Character Grell Sutcliffe (shinigami)


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