Songstress Rikku (remake)

Final Fantasy X-2



This is a remake, completely remade 100% from scratch. I originally made my first songstress costume back in 2003.


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Last Updated 8 years ago
Created 10 years ago
Series Final Fantasy X-2
Character Songstress Rikku (remake)


Tomecko An amazing Rikku! I'm about to start on this cosplay, and I can only hope I do a fraction as well as you! I can't believe how many parts of this you custom-dyed. o_O

univers-cosplay Hi I speak french ok ? Thus I come here because we opened a special skyblog on the cosplay if you are to interresser then fast come to join us has this address http: // We count on you!!

arlyux You are Rikku! O_O well done!!