Persona 3



Chidori is sooo cool, I love her style and design. ^^ This costume was fun. :3


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Series Persona 3
Character Chidori


Blue Sasarai perfect chidori ^^

WhiteSun Ahhh. ;_; I want to take you home with me! So cuuute!

Miah-san I wish you had more pictures! Very nice cosplay indeed very well made ^^

Recowa I love your Chidori outfit. You did a wonderful job. :3

Sley Das Kostüm sieht echt verdammt genial aus! Schade, dass ich dich nicht gesehen habe um Photos zu machen

Alwayzbored OMG! You have a lot of awesome cosplays, don't you? ^-^ You're soooo pretty! I'm so jealous. X3 Great job!

waste0fcarb0n You are so beautiful!

KitsuneSqueak Wow. You look like a doll. o-o beautiful Chidori <3

sweetmariecr Awesome costume *-*

Xellie-Pooh You are my favourite Chidori. You are just perfect. <3<3<3<3<3<3<3

Thop Very cool :3 add more pics please

sherii-chan it's so pretty

FyreGothChylde Wow..O.O. The best Chidori I've ever seen. Totally awesome!

Sheik Chan So lovely =)!