Ashley Williams

Mass Effect



I made my armor from thermoplastic, purchased zentai catsuit and painted the "carbon fiber" parts on, bought some cute boots and a few water guns and painted them to match


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Series Mass Effect
Character Ashley Williams


Badpie I love this. Ashley is my favorite ME character and you look like you're having a blast. Great costume! :)

Angeal very cool work Very awesome costume.

ephymeris FYI I used wonderflex for the larger pieces but it really sucks to work with. It has absolutely no drape and too much memory. I actually ended up using samples of splint material I was given in my profession as a therapist. Spectrum is the best!

Lady Muramasa YYAAAAAAAAAAAAYYY!!! More Mass Effect Cosplayers, I was beginning to feel alone. Excellent Ashley, I am in the middle of doing Matriarch Benezia. You rock!

demifiend CURSE YOU! I WAS SUPPOSED TO BE THE FIRST MASS EFFECT COSPLAYER! Hehehe, very, VERY well done, all of you! I wish I knew how to make armor that fit together as well as yours does!

hmwsg x I saw you and your group at Gencon and I was SO impressed by your costume! I was working all summer on an asari commando costume but I was completely stuck on the armor. I did the catsuit fine, just stuck on the exterior. I was so disappointed I couldn't finish it for Gencon but I was SO happy to see you guys do an awesome job at dressing as the ME cast! What thermoplastic did you use exactly? Maybe if I try that out I could go as an Asari next year.