Hikaru Shido

Magic Knight Rayearth



This costume took me 1 month of hard work.
I'm very proud of it! I used various materials such as: mattress, clothes, cardboard, forex, and the sword is made with wood.


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Last Updated 9 years ago
Created 10 years ago
Series Magic Knight Rayearth
Character Hikaru Shido
Variant Third Armour


ellygirl awesome cosplay! I have featured you on my website, if you want it removed please let me know! http://www.e-chan.be/?p=6135

AuraRinoa Yeah.. is wood..! Exepct for the dragon's head. Infact it is not very close to the original one, if you see it well ^^

helenzoz You made that sword with wood? THAT SWORD?! Impossible, you lie, you fiend! D: How did you DO that? It's incredible!

AuraRinoa Thank you very much ^_^

SeekingElegance Absolutely beautiful costume and an amazing photoshoot!

AuraRinoa trovate la gallery completa delle foto di Rayearth qui : ) http://www.aurarinoa.it/cosplay/gallery/rayearth/index.html

AuraRinoa Mi sa che faccio un pò di pulizia e metto su delle foto migliori :P và!

AuraRinoa Wow.. thank you! ^__^ I'm honored!

Foos Wow, that is an amazing group! Some of the best Rayearth costuming I have ever seen!

AuraRinoa Ahah grazie pupa :D in effetti questa gallery è un pò triste, dovrei aggiungerci qualcosa!

DeathWrathAngel bellissimaaaa!!!!^o^