Miaka Yuuki

Fushigi Yuugi



A lot of fabric. ::cringe:: The top area was made with pink sheer fabric. (In the wallscroll, the top was see-through) It was rather interesting to work with. The white strips are casa satin re-enforced with a thick interfacing. The purple obi was also casa satin re-enforced with the same interfacing.

The bottom of the dress is pink casa satin, lined. There are 19 scallopped edges that are cut, sewn, painted, and then sewn onto the bottom. As for the white panel, it is also casa satin with red sheer laying beside it.

The sleeves (if you can really call them that!) are 28 yards of sheer yellow fabric. ::twitch:: There are 3 tiers on each side. Each tier was cut, straight stitched, zig-zagged, and then the extra cut away. The sleeves took roughly 30-35 hours to complete due to this process. Next time..... I will hunt down a serger! lol

The wig is from Amphigory Wigs. Just like my other 2 wigs that have "loops", the hair is braided and wire inside the loops. The wings are half feathers, glued to a foamy, which is glued to a headband. I stringed beads to match as close as I could to the actually image. I guessed the back of the wig. ^^;;

All jewelry was beaded by me. I took a class with a friend to learn how to make jewelry. I used gold tigertail as string. (it's very sturdy!!) The moons onthe necklace and earrings are cut from foamy and painted. As for the anklet, it is also foamy painted silver with a blue hue. Jewels were glued on. There is wire glued on under-side of the foamy in order for the ankle to wrap.


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Series Fushigi Yuugi
Character Miaka Yuuki
Variant Wallscroll art


Narnian So pretty and detailed!

visual-kei-neko so pretty! >o< i love it! :D awesome work! Do u no were i can find a big pic of that wall scroll? lol ive been looking every were but all the pic's i find are rly small adn i cant see any of the details on it ;(