Nono the Moogle

Final Fantasy XII

@Crazy Flower


This was a costume that I wanted to do because I had seen so few actual moogles (And newer ones at that) I didn't want to do the moogle girl variant, so I tried to be as accurate as I could.

The costume is hot, but very fun to wear. Many kids think I'm the cutest thing, and I get to act somewhat like a circus clown in it.


@Crazy Flower
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Series Final Fantasy XII
Character Nono the Moogle


amam2217 That is so amazing and adorable!!!

A x e l - F LOL very cute and very well done. I've always wanted to see a well done FFXII moogle costume.

tamarpg Nice cosplay! glad many kids like you too!

Arroyo Congrats on your showcase!

*Shiva* It's about time this got showcased! You rock, chica. <3

BalthierFlare Awww! I saw you at Otakon, it was so amazing! *.*

Spoonels I love this, great job.

PixiStix123 this is amazing!

Ginny Wow that is an awesome costume!

mooniewolf123 that is so cool! the nose is remarkable!

Pumpkin-Ed I would hug you if I saw you.

Disasterrific! Yay yay! I saw you at Otakon! I think I got a hug. <3