Samus Aran




For this con my costume was the moogle , my friend was afraid I fall in this heavy and huge costume, so I decided to realised an other in order my friend wear my moogle and me , a new costume

I told me " hey why you don't make Samus Aran as I have make on 2003" (By the past he had realised his own version of Metroid and it was impressive <<
I'm feel a little anxious " but it's a full armor! How can do that"
He explain me in each details and I do it with lot of sweat.
Two days before the con A chimical reaction with the paint give me a true problem! But I decided to paint all with a simple little brush.After 3 passage The Samus suit was completed.

I wanted a little glow in the canon arm, I took a simple lamp and it was perfect, reactions of people were very kind, the costume was very heavy but it was a pleasure to wear it, people were persuaded It was a man inside xD

I'm remember that someone told me " Haaa I have spend so many "white nights" with you!"


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Series Metroid
Character Samus Aran


Angeal love this costume

Amaterasu01 This is amazing!!!! Can u make me one?? I need one 4 a convention quick!!!!!

Hero of Hirule amaziiiiiiiiing

† Wolfwood † Fantastic armor suit! Perfect Samus!!!!!

Acraig1006 That cosplay is pimp. What material is it made out of?

Radie420 Really is amazing but one of the more groundbreaking moments in all of video game history is when we learn that Samus is a woman. Plus, you even mention people thinking that a man was inside the costume. That all adds up to a perfect photo op of you in the suit with the helmet off, but there is none. Unfortunate. Great costuem though. Really like the lamp effect.


viper3636 I agree you sould have got FIRST! ! ;O Great Costume though! ;)

NarukuSon Hehe! I <3 Samus! Okay, here's a challenge for you! Let's see you do the roll attack! Get it on video too ;-)

Kuroi Niji People have tried and tried to make this costume, but you're by far the only one who has ever nailed it so perfectly! *__* No one can compare to your Samus, such beautiful craftmanship and eye for every little detail! I bow down to your greatness! <3

bladescavenger You are my Hero! attempting to make a Samus suit...and i dont think it will compare at all to what you've done! haha have any hints or tips for me?

AtticusPryce Mon dieu! C'est parfait! =D J'adore! Bien fait!

• ChiiChan • >.< so cool ~

LittleOrphanBoy wow! thats really shweeet!

Bofa Grand travail ! Ceci est si stupéfiant, j'espère un jour que je peux faire quelque chose aussi stupéfiant que ceci

Oe_Kintaro omg you rock O_O

crimson2knight Incredible. A immediate breathe taker. Ever thought about Zero-Suit Samus? I think you'll make a perfect Zero-Suit no doubt!

Chillymunster Wow, i dont think we will see a better Samus ever, if not for a long, long, LONG time.

EngelMizu omg!!! *_*" very cool !!!

mastershambler best Samus ever!