Mew Ichigo

Tokyo Mew Mew



I love this costume! I felt so cute and bouncy the whole time I was in costume. Other than people stepping on my tail << &gt;&gt; it was fun and comfortable.

For the top part I used a pattern for a strapless dress and altered it to make the little tail triangle things. For the skirt I tore up a thrift store skirt that looked about the same and used it as a pattern. The pendant is made out of Skulpty. I made the ears myself but one of them kept flopping over!

The boots are great, I just got a pair thirfting and added the ribbon detail with a glue gun.

I bought the heart-bell weapon online, it makes noise but I took the batteries out for everbody's sanity.


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Series Tokyo Mew Mew
Character Mew Ichigo


Japanimemusic Cutest Ichigo EVER!

`Nyu`~ Your cosplay looks adorable! What did you use under your skirt to make it ook like that?

13Kai-Kai SO ADORABLE! I love the ears and dress!

ToroSonyCat awsome ichigo cosplay, your photos are great!

Daya ~ Kairi you're so cute *-*

FumikoSan You're adorable! Love your wig! n_n

Chelseahavoc awww your so cute!!! ><

djtokimi Cuteness Incarnate flawless absolutely flawless Ichigo

konohakunoichi awsum style of wig! praise to awsum ichigo wig~&#9829;