Pizzazz of The Misfits

Jem and the Holograms



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Series Jem and the Holograms
Character Pizzazz of The Misfits
Variant Main (TV Version), Catsuit (TV Version-"Gimme a Gimmick" ep), Doll Ve


hellbelle We don't live anywhere near each other, but if we did, that would be awesome!

Patastrophic More like I LOVE it! Once I have a chance to wear my Riot costume with my friend who does Jem, I'd be one happy person if you were available to be our Pizzazz and have all three group leaders represented.

hellbelle Glad you like it!

Patastrophic My day is made! Not only do I find a Pizzazz, but an excellent one too! My inner Jem fan is rejoicing.