Himeno/ Pretear of Plant


@Lady Shiva


Very VERY spontaneous. I started it 2 days before the Dokomi to be exact.
Still, I'm more or less satisfied with the outcame, though it's far from perfect and some details are not exactly like they should be.

I was quite lucky with the floral ornaments on her dress, it's a garland used for... well... dunno for what they are used exactly. Maybe for decorating gardens, windows or doors.
I just cut it into smaller pieces to seperate the flowers and glued it to the fabric.

And I simply LOVE the wig! <3
I really do. Now I cut my hair, so it's short aswell (I had almost waist-length hair before but was never satisfied with it) and -suprise- short hair suits me ways better! :D
Kind of looks like Alice Cullen now 'cause it's a strange shade of auburn.

Though I'm not used to heels, Pretear was very comfortable. I will surely wear it again... some day. ^^


@Lady Shiva
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Series Pretear
Character Himeno/ Pretear of Plant
Variant Plant


Saphira112 Adorable! You make a great Himeno! (oh, and there's a random Trinity Blood cosplay on this costume xD Not sure if ya wanted to put it here, but it's still good 8D)

dalbkino Wow! You look so cute!!!