Rin Kagamine

Vocaloid 2



Photos by Humiure & Cless.

Exact cost: 47.28 euros.

Making of process:

I love Vocaloids *-*. It's cool that everybody can write stories and make these voice softwares singing them. There are loads of good stories with their respective videos on youtube. Kokoro was the first Vocaloid song I heard, the video is so well done!

So when Jose ask me to do the Kagamine twins I couldn't say no. They are one my favorite Vocaloids (besides Gakupo and Luka) and also the firsts I heard. They have that sweet but at the same time broken voices I like. And they are so cute!

The clothes were easy, althought the sailor collar had a strange form. I used one of my shorts and one of my t-shirts as a base to make the patterns of the shorts and the shirt. The patterns of the sleeves and socks were easy, just took my measures and drawn them in the pattern paper. I bought 1,5 meters of black satin-crepe for the shorts, sleeves and socks, and 1 meter of white knit-silk for the shirt and the two pair of headphones (and it was too much since I only used half of the white fabric for that xD). I cut and sewn all the parts together. The decorations were tiring to do. The costume looks like it has few decorations, but if you watch closely you can see that there are a lot! It made me think I will never end xD.

I used golden-yellow satin ribbons for the yellow decorations in sleeves, socks and the sailor collar (the thinners were in the collar and the thickests in sleeves, socks and shoes). It's a shade of yellow I like, looks really beautiful! I used black felt to make the loudspeaker in the leg, the buttons in the sleeves and the under part of the neons in them, yellow "piquillo" (sorry, I'm missing the English name) for the zig-zag decorations around the arms of the shirt, and orange and yellow hard plastic for tablecloths to make the belts and the labels of the shirts. I also bought a buckle for one of my belts and painted it silver, since it was blue. We had to cover the belts with see-through aironfix and adhesive tape because the plastic is hard to glue and sew, and we didn't want the pieces fall apart. Jose did four hooks with silver wire for the hanging belts, in order to hold them to the belt loops (are they really called that? I have problems to find a translation for those things on the trousers were the belt has to be placed). For the green neons of the sleeves, I used fluorescent satin ribbon in green color. Jose painted the "Electric Voice System" sentence on the socks with the white glitter paint that was left over Amano Yuna drawings in the skirt, while I was making the headphones.

I did the cute head bow with white fabric that was left over the Hugo cosplay of Jose, filling the bow inside with white felt and sewing it in the tiara, which was covered by cotton ribbons. I did the two pair of headphones with cardboard covered by the white knit-silk fabric and the decorations with foam, painted in yellow and silver with fabric paint in those two colors. I glued them to the tiara with Gutterman fabric glue and sewed them too, and put more fabric on it in the inside, glued and sewn to reinforce them.

We had some old trainers I modified by painting Jose's pair with white paint fabric, and I glued the remaining thick golden-yellow satin ribbons on the lowest part. I finally used yellow fabric paint to imitate the shine of the yellow neons on socks and shoes.

I helped Jose with the patterns and sewing his costume. Construction process was almost the same as Rin's.


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