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Inkylink contacted me before Ohayocon 09 that he wanted to do a Chrono Cross group. By the time I got the chance to read the thread all the girl characters had been taken.

However, all was well. I like making masks so I was interested in dressing like one of the cuter characters anyway. I chose Neofio because she was adorable, just like the character design in Chrono Cross and thus the decision was made.

I made the mask out of paper mache over a popcorn bowl. I cut the eyes out and sculpted the rest of the mask out of paper clay. I sanded down the paper clay to make the face look really smooth. I painted it in layers and added Foamies of the eye lashes and the leaf eyebrows. The eyes were sheer black lining fabric I bought scraps of and painted on to finish the color in her eyes. The read of the head was shaped out of foam and covered with cotton so I could steam the cotton to shrink it to the foam, thus making it smooth looking. I hand painted all the petals using "Stiff Stuff" interfacing as my canvas and sewed it all on with fishing line to make it less noticeable. The center of the flower is a 1$ foam ball from Wal-Mart.

The jumper was patterned by my friend Missy, but cut and sewn by myself. I decided on corderoy because it looked more organic and would give the horizontal strips you see in the concept art. The chest brooch was made with model magic and foamies and lots of paint love. The leggings I bought from Wal-Mart at mid calf so that if I wanted to walk in a fountain for some shots with her, I could do so without getting my clothing wet.


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Series Chrono Cross
Character NeoFio


BalthierFlare Wow NeoFio! I love this costume, you did such a great job and it's adorable! :3

Tenkai_Star108 Thanks sooo much for the comments on my Suikoden costume :) I absolutely love your Neo Feo!! Chrono Cross doesn't get enough credit sadly. I also love your Lunar cosplay. Obscure RPGs for the win!!!

Tifakiki7 Please please come to Youmacon! We are doing our CC group on Saturday and we have 21 people confirmed. That was updated today and everyone is still on board for it. Your NeoFio would be an awesome addition!