Evangelion Unit 02

Neon Genesis Evangelion



I hate that Rebuild thing that's happening with Evangelion. Its just blasphemy.

Here is my rendition of the original one.

as everyone knows, evangelions have inhuman proportions so i did my best with a skinny model to wear it.

i equipped it with a progressive knife and a bazooka with a party popper inside. XD.

stage skit includes the following sequences:
1.) enters with brown cloth like the one in the "Asuka Strikes!" episode.
2.) Removes Cloth and poses with bazooka. fires bazooka with a confetti popper.
3.) pulls out prog knife from shoulder and does poses.


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Created 11 years ago
Series Neon Genesis Evangelion
Character Evangelion Unit 02
Variant original


LainoftheWired Oh my god, this is the best I've ever seen. The proportions, the attention to detail, the functionality (OMG KNIFE COMES OUT OF SHOULDER?!?)... I just... wow. Every EVA unit I've ever seen has some kind of scale issue (the head is too big/small, the shoulder armor is too big/small/appears to be sagging, etc), or the materials just *look* like cardboard, or the paint job is off... This is just astonishing.

SachielZERO Very impressive. This is the costume I kept referencing when I was making mine. Well done. Do the eyes light up? They look like they do.

AsaiTomoko o my god! this' awesome!! O___O

Seurat I am trying to make a eva 02 cosplay of my own, but I have no idea from where or even how to start. Would you mind giving me a hand?