Mystique (Raven Darkholme)




My mom randomly decided one day that she desperately wanted to cosplay Dark Phoenix from X3. ^^;; So, I decided I couldn't pass up my long-awaited chance to cosplay movie Mystique. XD

I had to print a ton of references for the scale patterns, and some were NOT easy to find. T_T

Wig: Pre-styled from E-bay (I did NOT want to try my luck with a widow's peak AND her slicked back style).

Contact Lenses: "Nightcrawler" from Fashion Contact Lenses (I didn't want to wear scleras, as I have sensitive eyes, and they're maddeningly pricey).

Make-up: Ben Nye MagiCake Aqua Paint, Final Seal, and Spirit Gum for attaching the scales.There's also some puffy fabric paint I stuck on my face to match the bodysuit. XD

Base Unitard: E-bay. It cost me only around $30, and it fits well and looks awesome! :)

Scales: They're marine vinyl, which I hand cut, one by one, into Mystique's various scale shapes. I used Fabritac to attach them. I did some of the scale-adding while the suit was on me, but most while it was on a full-body duct-tape dummy (which I hung from two plastic hangers and a metal/wood one in my closet while I worked).

Other Textures: Tulip Gun Metal Grey dimensional fabric paint.

Nails: The nails are Halloween nails manufactured by Rubie's. I trimmed them down and attached them to the suit with metal glue. The toenails are bits of black leather. XD


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Character Mystique (Raven Darkholme)


nymph62442 SO very awesome! ^_^