Alicia Melchiott

Valkyria Chronicles



I've fallen in love with this game, and can't wait to finish this costume!


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Created 9 years ago
Series Valkyria Chronicles
Character Alicia Melchiott


Assiduity Wah! Very nice! I absolutely love this! :) Good job!<3 I have a question though! How did you do the wig for her? Did you just do two ponytails? I'm going to be cosplaying Alicia soon and I'm trying to figure out what to do with her hair!

Tesra jkhsadfh :D I didn't think an Alicia cosplay existed! awesome!!!

Yuna-chani very nice *-*

UNIT0918 Damn! You're a beautiful Alicia!

Kenmichi Hey, I ran into you at Otakon in the dealer's room, I was Roy Mustang. I was hoping to see you again on Saturday when I had my camera with me. I'm working on Welkin's uniform in the Militia for Anime USA in November, I hope I'll see you there!