Mew Ichigo

Tokyo Mew Mew



Gah, I finally got better pics of this costume! Had a photoshoot at AWA ^_^


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Series Tokyo Mew Mew
Character Mew Ichigo


:3 ~! how did u make the tail stand up i really want to know :O~!

Taylor<3niicake Can I have it?

kandell where in the world did you find the furry trim for the dress, choker, arm bands, and garter? i've been searching but can't find anything.

Miel how have you made the skirt? Love the costume

flaredrake20 Beautiful Costume! This is the best Mew Ichigo cosplay I've seen! I want to cosplay as Mew Ichigo also, can you tell me where you got your wig? I've been having trouble finding a wig that matches in length,style, and color. Also, I love your shoes! The best Mew Ichigo boots I've seen while researching, any tips on those?