Miss Wakka

Final Fantasy Series



Backstory... I originally made this costume for a Ex-Boyfriend of mine to wear while I was cosplaying lulu (at the time we were dating) 2 weeks before the con we broke up, I made him wear it anyways and despite the fact we could barely stand in a room together we gritted our teeth and took photos. He wanted to keep it I said NO! and than some 2 years later I was at a local wig shop and saw that BEAUTIFUL red wig and a light bulb went off... thus MISS WAKKA was born!!!!

Current story.... This is SUCH a fun cosplay to wear! I wore it to Acen 2009 after altering it to fit me. I made everything out a fabric, and I was quite impressed with 16 year old me that made this costume in 2007 that all i ended up doing was fitting it to me. I really had a good time with this, since Miss wakka is not a real character in FFX I felt I could have more fun with it. For some reason I tend to cosplay quite strong characters but I'm a VERY talkative bubbly person.

I don't know If i'm going to retire this anytime soon it was so light weight and easy and too much fun! I Wanna find a Mr.Lulu to cosplay with me!

oh and funny story. Day of acen I lost my blue bandanna that had the pretty fish design.. so that is really just my berserker belt... improvising saves lives!


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Character Miss Wakka


Narnian Wonderful cosplay! I love the originality.

onibakuponpon That is so awesome! I wish I could have been there to see it. ;x;