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This is the most awesome, disgusting thing I have ever made. I reeked of salty bacon and salami, which I found out is actually quite alluring to guys. If you ever need a date, I highly recommend wearing a meat dress. I wanted to go to a vegan restaurant in it. Or walk through the park and make dog friends. Alas, the best things in life are fleeting, and after the party, it had to be disposed of. *sigh* I miss my meat dress. :/


@Jia Jem
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alpha_helix This is awesome, but I just have to ask, did all that bacon grease destroy your sewing machine? lol

Tabby-chan omg how the heck did you make this dress?? lol its cool ^^

Stormraven24 Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! .................. I remember that bump XD I don't watch the show, but I like the group shot :)

psycho-buNNieS lolwow. I'm vegetarian, but that meat dress = the coolest dress ever. XD So want one for my homecoming dance~.

aidynOrosco Sweet. You know, I saw this on Adult Swim just last night? Lmao, they said the meat dress was kinda hot.

opheliaswims You are my hero. ^_^

Televator I just really can't get over how AWESOME this dress is. I want one. :P