Kid Trunks (Gi)

Dragon Ball Z



this was my comfort cosplay for CNAnime 2006! Me and my Goten practiced the fusion dance and it was really fun, hahha. The costume itself was extremely easy. The boots I had made for my Videl cosplay a while back, so I didn't really have much to do. Will definitely wear this again!!


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Series Dragon Ball Z
Character Kid Trunks (Gi)


Ceres-chan The best Trunks cosplay I've ever seen! You have the right face to do this cosplay *-*

YavannieWinter Great cosplay n__n- one of the best Dragon Ball cosplays I have ever seen :'3

Black Gokou Hey i just sent a message to your sis. I was just saying that it was nice to meet you guys, it was great. Well I guess we'll see each other at another con then, huh? Later