The Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess



Link - The Twilight Princess version. Its 98% complete. The scabbard is finished, just not at the time of the pictures. I still need a chain mail shirt.

This costume was my first "cosplay" costume and I learned ALOT of expensive lessons on it. But I do not regret trying such a difficult costume my first time out. I am currently redoing all of the leather work on the costume(except the boots), to correct all the mistakes and problems I made on the ones shown in the pics.

The costume was made with realism and durability first, then tried to get the look of the character next. The fabric is wool for the green tunic, and tan linen for the undergarments sewn by a very close friend/roomate. Most of the leather work I cut, stamped, tooled and dyed myself which included the bracers, shoulder harness and the belt. The gloves and boots I recolored and slightly tailored existing items. The sword is made of wood, a practice sword I spray painted. The shield is painted plywood with craft foam for the detailed parts.


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Series The Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess
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Little_Ryu you make really a awesome link *o* and buggy and zoro and anderson haha so many costumes that i like ^^