Edward Elric

Fullmetal Alchemist



The first attempt at a full costume. Lots of guesswork went into it.

The hair is my own. The boots I bought off EBay and covered the soles in red duct tape. The gloves I bought off Amazon.com and modified slighty to fit my baby-sized hands. Belt is from Wal-Mart. Undershirt is from K-Mart and has the sleeves cut off.

Pants are Simplicity 4889, with pockets improvised in. But you can use any pants pattern really. The top and coat are modifications of Simplicity 4803. For the top, I combined the two front peices and shortened to the waistline marked on the pattern. The white trim is just plain old bias tape.

I used the same jacket pattern for the coat, but extended it about three feet, using my oilskin trenchcoat as a model. The logo is painted on with fabric paint.

For the time being, I'm wearing a grey sleeve on my right arm and left leg to simulate a metal arm and leg.

This is also my first costume that required a chest binder. I found a fairly decent one at Underworks.com.

Pictures will be forthcoming once I've finished.


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Character Edward Elric


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