Pyramid Head

Silent Hill: Homecoming



I donned the Pyramid Head outfit because a friend needed help since there was a photoshoot where the original guy couldn't show up--so I took his place =D

So yeah, every detail of credit all goes to the great Gabby!

It was a fun shoot and I would do it again.

Also the photographers were awesome. Everyone was great :)

Costume by LuvableNerd
Photos by John8859 and Dunpealchild who you can check out the rest of their work on deviantart


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Series Silent Hill: Homecoming
Character Pyramid Head


Fantomb_Pro I love it. *_*

RaptorAdapter This shit is pretty impressive. Love the nurses. Did you bring this to D*C?

Crims0n_X Incredible!

Hunk-sama This is WONDERFUL!!! You are nice Pyramid Head and photo very atmosferic!

Sheikahchica This costume and the photoshoot you guys did look AMAZING. :)

Kirdina_the_elf Awesome!

Daya ~ Kairi Amazing Pyramid *---*