The Fifth Element

@Minako Aino


I wanted to wear this costume since the day I saw the movie. x) We made a little group with my friends Minnimay and Ivy ^^ My costume was not finished and was put together mostly with... pins v_v I improved it later but it remains uncomplete, maybe I'll finish it for real one day...


@Minako Aino
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Series The Fifth Element
Character Stewardess


zozo Absolutely adore your little fifth element group, as one of my fav movies it is super awesome to see some love for the characters! Hope u will complete the costumes and use them again, they deserve it :D

Ayori-Ray Best 5th element cosplay!

gilliane oui plus de photos, vous êtes toutes les trois tellement belles dedans

Blue Child This is a really cool cosplay! You should post up some more pics! ^^