Yoko Ritona

Gurren Lagann



Ah yes. A labor of pure love.

I first encountered this costume design in 2007. It was in an issue of Cosmode on a mannequin so i didnt know anything about the character besides it was a cute design. THEN i discovered TTGL and fell in love with the series. For nearly 6 months, i contemplated cosplaying skimpy Yoko. It was such a back/forth conversation with myself that i nearly went insane because my love for her was so strong. I finally started the costume July 08. Its still not completed because i really want a rifle...

I made several bikini tops, but they mostly failed. So i brought a bikini top, but added the pvc flames. I also had several pairs of shorts before settling for these dancer shorts. The neckpiece is made of felt. The skull is made of clay. My hair sticks are actually knitting needles lol.

My boots are pure joy. I spent a very long time painting them. I got them ON SALE for $10 at Electrique Boutique. I added the zippers, which are made out of paperclay.

I plan to remake this version to hopefully go with a new rifle that i plan to commission. (I attempted it myself and it was fail) I'm hoping to use more vinyl in my newer version and also get a new wig, my current one being the Cosplay Wig version that i watched incessantly for. After remaking this version, maybe i'll get around to other Yoko costumes


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Character Yoko Ritona


duckyism Beautimous!

GNB Cosplay Hey! Your mailbox is full, so I'm sending this as a random comment haha, you can just delete it afterwards i suppose XD! Great Yoko cosplay btw! Thanks for your comment about my Aisha cosplay! My Aisha ears are actually attached to my ears with spirit gum. You can buy it at most costume/halloween stores or online on ebay, which is where I bought mine. I made them out of fleece fabric, and they stand up on their own. I just cut out 4 triangles, (2 brown & 2 pink) and sewed them together. I folded down the top corner of each one to make them look more ear-like, instead of just triangles. Then put the spirit gum on the outside of my ear and stuck them on there. XD! Peeling them off is kinda annoying, but I think there is a remover my friends told me about, though I didn't know until just a few weeks ago haha Hope that makes sense! Good luck! ~Ginger