Saint Seiya


Wooooow, this costume was a big challenge for the belgian girls, we decided to join Genr├┤maokken in her great idea to form a Golden Angel group with the girls of every part of Belgium.

First I want to thank all my sexy Golden Angel, anyone in our group was fabulous and did a great job, and we had a loooot of fun together !

Then, my armor was made in foam + latex, and then the whole thing was glued or fixed with strong scotch.
The tiny parts of the armor are in this thin foam, "creamousse", and the jewells are glass or plastic ones, but I have to note that the stones in glass are really really difficult to glue ...
Then my "shorty" is in golden vinyl. (for those of you who are from Scotland, I bought a lot of my materials in the store called "Mandors" @ Glasgow =)


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Series Saint Seiya
Character Shaka
Variant Golden Angels


carsroach Cute!!!!! do you know where Can I buy one of those? :) or someone that sells theirs?