Maka Albarn

Soul Eater



Maka is DONE!!! finally... after like a year (or two). I'll make Soul one of these days. im just happy the outfit is completed

SHOES: 100% done
JACKET: 100% done (needs cuffs)
SKIRT: 100% done
SHIRT: 100% done
SWEATER VEST: 100% done
TIE: 100% done
SCYTHE: 0% done (forgot about it)


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Created 11 years ago
Series Soul Eater
Character Maka Albarn


ThePencilStix Would you mind explaining how you made Maka's shoes? I understand they're from flip flops, but what steps did you take? ^^' I'm planning to cosplay her, and the way you made yours is absolutely fantastic! I would really really appreciate your help...

ArcaneEternity I'm planning to make a Maka outfit myself. Can you tell me what fabrics you used on which parts of the outfit? Especially the jacket. I don't know what to use for the jacket...

makenshimiku ur boots r perfect *o* it seems that is difficult D:

Deophest oh my goodness your boots are amazing!!!

Hikari_no_hana really cool i luv soul eater :)

NaruNaruChan wow that is super cool i need to make one ^^

kikuyo Awesome job. Aww poor soul-kun~ It's ok though, you were just too cool for him. XD

Maga Oscura Wow,those are the best maka boots i ever seen :D

Nannaka-chan =] omg thats so cool did it take you a long time....? i wish i was as creative as you i need to make my own kingdom heart shoes for my olette cosplay.... but wow those look good =]