Bulma Brief (Androids saga)

Dragon Ball Z

Why did I choose this character:

Some people pushed me to do this cosplay due to the fact I'm obsessed with Vegeta and I thought it would be nice for a day to be Vegeta's mate! *_*
Plus few time ago by chance I found a very nice tourquoise bob wig! ^_^

Making off:

This is what I call an assembled cosplay, made with altered dresses.
The whole outfit is composed by white trousers kindly borrowe by my sister, a white tank top shortened a little and dyed red, an old red belt I found at home, the orange jacket made with a pillow cover (I used a pillow cover because any fabric store has pale orange fabric! &gt;_<) and my fab red converse with white socks! ^_^
Baby Trunks is my old puppet, dressed up as baby Trunks in the anime series with the typical navy blue hat, yellow napkin and baby dresses. I think he is so cute! *^.^*
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Series Dragon Ball Z
Character Bulma Brief (Androids saga)
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