Gin Tama



My friend Ryo and I were discussing how pasty white we both are XD And... well, it came to a logical conclusion? Kinda?

For a Yato clan group at Otakon 2011 with my friends Ryo as Kamui and Ant as Umibozu; and if we have our way, a big ol' Gintama group.

The wig is a prestyled from ebay. The buncovers were bought from ebay user lanlan19.

The pattern I am using is the out of print McCall's M4369 (still available on their site); the dress is a hot coral dress twill and edged with premade yellow piping. The boots I had already.

The parasol was bought from Luna Bazaar; the 'machinegun' tip is sculpted from paperclay, sanded, and painted silver.


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Series Gin Tama
Character Kagura
Variant long sleeveless cheongsam


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