Final Fantasy VIII



This is my 3rd ff13 girl ^^

....I totally bit off more..way more than I can chew again....

Necklace: 20%...I failed 2 times so far &gt;..<

Coat: 40% I used white denim. In the game she actually has side I decided why stress myself over trying to draft a pattern without side seams and just draft a regular blazer pattern. The collar is giving a hard time LOL i suck suck suck!!! &gt;.<

Skirt: 90% LOL okay...It was a very light color suede so I had to dye it to a sepia tone. Er..I used watercolor ..BAD IDEA!! B-A-D! I went back and dyed it with acrylic...hopefully I will not dye suede ever agian! xD The zippers doest not work cheap!! The black part is leather.

Inner plum red shirt: It's ribbed knit. Stole from my mom. Chopped off sleeves and ..yup!

Wig: Originally serah wig. poor thing...overused wig &gt;..< Clover in dark pin is the name of it^^

**THIS IS SO MUCH HARDER THAN VANILLE's... I thought vanille was hard but this is soooo soo much harder LOL...or maybe cuz I suck at drafting patterns

I planned to finish this by november..but yea school totally sucked the life outta me so I'll be done in december or so...... *lifeless shell


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Series Final Fantasy VIII
Character Lightning


nina gyaboo hello Lycorisa....i'm oruntia from DA^^ wow..i just know your ID here... hmm...can't wait to see your lightning :D ganbatte!!!

rie_rhuu We're same. I did some progress on this too....^_^

MinoS-Chan *_* awsome cant wait to see this <333

VanSavesLives looks really great!

ItsAmerico You. Look. Amazing! <333

ashelia89 Lycorisa you look AWESOME :)

Mico_125 looks great

otakunekochan *drools. you're sizzling hot! :3