Mai Valentine




Mai isn't in the show in the ancient memory arc, but she is in the video game. She's also one of my fave YGO characters. I had fun with this. ^_^

This consists of:
a gold pleated dress
gold cape
purple high heel crocodile gladiator sandals (obviously- it's Mai)
a purple jeweled belt
purple feather and gold earrings
a gold collar
gold ankh necklace
gold and tigers eye wrist cuffs and arm cuff
a purple shell anklet
a gold ring
and a gold and mother of pearl pendant

I also used a kohl pencil and gold powder all over so my skin reflected the sun. I'll upload more pictures of the full costume when I get them (I was in a hurry, so forgot to put on the gorgeous purple Egypt belt I made! T-T).


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Series Yu-Gi-Oh!
Character Mai Valentine
Variant Ancient Egypt


Emilyy You look amazing. I'm glad someone did this outfit.

YuriHappiny *w* you look sooo beautiful<3