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started on this costume in the beginning of June of 2010 and it took about 6 months in total . I spent alot of time going back and pushing the costume's appearance (like how dark it is, adding more blood etc.). I work full time as well so it's not like this was an all day every day thing lol..That's just crazy. Although I won't lie, if i could commit more to costuming I would. I used plaster to make the mask and changed a sewing pattern slightly to get what I needed. I followed another girls instructions for this and it's crazy to see how different mine turned out. I'm really happy with it and it took countless hours and lots of paint to do.
*Possible dress changeup*
I'll probably be either making a new one or just darkening this dress a bit. I honestly think its a little too light still BUT somehow, for some stupid reason, cameras dont pick up how dark this dress really is. I've tried different kinds of lighting and all the details seem to get lost in it. Soooo i might just darken it more since apparently its not dark enough. Eh i'll get to it at some point.


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Character Silent Hill 2 nurse


TaRu Congrats on the KitsuneKon award, you really deserved it!

ghost0441 great job, and the mask is done very well.